STP 120 Spin Tissue Processor

STP 120 Spin Tissue Processor

Process biological specimens from chemical fixation to paraffin infiltration with the STP 120 Spin Tissue Processor.

The Thermo Scientific STP 120 Spin Tissue Processor is a compact, benchtop carousel tissue processor, its unique design uses programmable gentle centrifugal force to augment normal vertical agitation process associated with carousel processors.


  • Immediate and delayed start processing modes
  • Programmable spinning speed of either 60 or 70rpm; spinning can also be programmed off Programmable immersion time in each station (from 1 minute to 90 hours: 59 minutes) Basket capacity of 120 or 240 cassettes
  • Battery backup system in case of power failure


  • Reagent vessel tops and charcoal-enhanced ventilation help control processing vapours
  • Up to 10 different processing programs-maintained Cassette baskets spin counter-clockwise and clockwise within reagent container to improve processing
  • Reagent carryover is reduced through gentle centrifugal spinning of basket above reagent vessel, each reagent vessel holds 1.8L of processing reagent

Physical Specifications

  • Electrical Requirements: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Diameter: 85cm (33.5″)
  • Height: 50cm opening to 70cm (19.6″ opening to 27.5″)
  • Weight: 154 lb. (70kg