Sunrise Nitrum

Sunrise Nitrum

The original QUICKIE is an icon that’s influenced wheelchair design for over 40 years. What made it so special? A revolutionary design principle that minimised propulsion effort whilst maximising movement – or what Sunrise likes to call Energy into Motion.

The NITRUM was born to redefine that principle. To find a perfect harmony of weight, rigidity, fit and fine-tuning. Because when those come together, that’s when you truly achieve energy into motion.

So we refined every detail for weight-saving rigidity. Creating aerospaceinspired oval tubing that’s lighter, stiffer and stronger like no other. And we did it whilst increasing adjustability and sizing. The result? A wheelchair that harmonises your geometry with its own. Positioning you for maximum energy transfer, so you get direct reactions with minimal effort.

A seriously-addictive ride, the NITRUM lets you to go further, faster and longer without the worry of fatique. Easy to fine-tune and even easier to lift, it’s a wheelchair that’s shaped around you – and your everyday life. Lets take you through our new spin on Energy into Motion.

Sunrise Nitrum Brochure