Tactile Murals

Tactile Murals

Tactile sensation is a fundamental part of your overall sensory experience.

It acts as a media for exploration and enhances the understanding of the environment around you. As you develop, you build up an internal language for textures, as you do with all your senses. You learn about safe and dangerous tactile experiences through coming into contact with the materials around you. Heat can be a safe or dangerous sensation, and how do you learn about that, how do you understand what is pleasant and what will hurt? You do this by exploring and learning about the properties of materials within safe parameters.

Rough and smooth, soft and hard, warm and cold, angular and curved, embossed and impressed, rigid and flexible, fine and coarse, linear and meandering, regular and random, absorbent and reflective. You get the idea! These are all properties considered when creating a mural, as well as overall shape, size, colour, safety of materials used and flow of movement as you explore it.

Murals make a very strong statement when you walk into a space. They are something that you can physically engage with and will give you a much stronger personal link with the building. Murals can also be very good visual and textural ‘wayfinders’ and signposts around buildings.

Mike Ayres creates original, unique and beautiful Tactile murals for Schools, Hospitals, Museums, Childrens’ Centres, Hospices and many other places. Each one is specifically designed to fit your space and give the experience and image you want. We also have a range of standard Tactile panels.

[Available in Republic Of Ireland]