Vastrip® 2+

Vastrip® 2+

The flexible stripper


Vastrip® 2+ is a product of excellent quality that can easily be adapted to different vein stripping techniques.

Vein stripping is a standard procedure in the treatment of varicose veins. It has a better long-term result than sclerotherapy (1) or saphenofemoral ligation alone (2). Vastrip 2+ is a popular and high quality vein stripper that has unique flexibility when vein surgery is being performed. Insertion can be performed in either direction using either the straight or spiral formed end.

If conventional stripping is required then the selected olive can be placed on either end of the stripper allowing pull through or pull back stripping.

Alternatively Vastrip 2+ can be used for invagination or mini-stripping by placing a ligature through the hole in the tip.

The handle can be positioned and repositioned on the Vastrip 2+ when stripping the vein. A sterile holder keeps the stripper and handle in place untiltime of use.

• Suitable for different vein stripping techniques: conventional, invagination or mini-stripping
• Easy to introduce and control during the whole operation
• Two-way stripper with spiral and straight formed tips
• Three olives included (9, 12, 15 mm)
• An adjustable handle gives extra pulling strength

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Vastrip 2+