Vivatmo me – Bosch Healthcare Solutions

Vivatmo me – Bosch Healthcare Solutions

The Vivatmo me FeNO measurement device is designed to measure airway inflammation of asthma patients in order to give them a better understanding of their condition and so more confidence in their daily lives.

The Vivatmo me is also indicated for use in both the Primary and Secondary Care market and is ideal for smaller practices. As an ideal add-on, we recommend the new Vivatmo app to complement the Vivatmo me. This helps asthma patients keep even closer track of their condition. The device automatically records the measured values, while the app enables the patient to retrieve them at all times.


  • Cordless Measuring Device
  • Measured values transmitted easily to smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Regular measurement or testing allows better management of the condition,


  • integrates smoothly into patients’ everyday life
  • Stored values can be shared with the patient’s doctor in concise form
  • Which can help to optimise therapy and improve adherence

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