Warehousing and Logistics

Delivering excellence in logistics and distribution across Ireland, the UK and Europe for our partners


With over 165,000 ft warehousing, 1050 pallet spaces and temperature controlled facilities with all associated quality certification in each of our warehouses across all our markets in Ireland, UK and Europe, we are confident that our extensive logistics solutions and lean distribution networks ensure optimum level supply chain integrity here at the Healthcare 21 Group.

At a time when stock management and movement in our industry has never been more important, our robust infrastructure, dynamic support teams and state-of-the-art warehousing technologies provide value added services to meet your operational, strategic and customer-service related goals- anytime; anywhere.

Our Pharmaceutical licence allows us to procure, hold and supply prescription only medicinal product, medicinal product for general sale, over the counter medicinal product through pharmacies only, narcotic or psychotropic products, medicinal products derived from blood, cold chain products, prescription only medicinal products, exempt medicinal product and biological product. Our highly skilled Pharma team continue to manage sales and assist with customer orders, are GDP trained and offer a high standard of dedicated support to our customer base.

Our IT team have worked tirelessly over the years to develop innovative technologies to guarantee in-depth and analytical data to assist in monitoring and managing resources and optimising equipment.  The Healthcare 21 Group is proud of our in-house innovative Asset Tracking technology which maximises the potential, performance, security and value of your product portfolio.  This is achieved through enterprise wide tracking for data collection and analysis on whole product life cycle, which is key to establishing accurate value and quality management.

The Healthcare 21 Group is proud of the relationships we have built with our world class partners across our industry over the past 18 years and this is reciprocated by the high level of trust our customers place in us to deliver their portfolios in a timely and safely manner to all sites.


We are confident that our highly trained warehousing and logistics team have the best in class solutions for your valued brand.

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