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BSG edition – Summer 2024

BSG Live ‘24 – 17th - 20th June

With our partners Fujifilm we are excited to be supporting this year’s BSG annual meeting – BSG Live ’24. Returning to the ICC Birmingham, BSG live remains the must-attend event of the year for those who have an interest or specialise in Gastroenterology or Hepatology. The event will showcase the latest clinical and educational developments within the speciality and will boast an impressive range of national and international speakers.  

Visit us in Hall 3 – Stand A2, where we will be exhibiting the latest Fujifilm endoscopy technology – “Eluxeo Ultra” along with a range of Endo therapy devices, Purastat, Taewoong and the Omom capsule endoscopy system. You can also test your colonoscopy skills on the new Mikoto colonoscopy training simulator! 

Aquilant will also be supporting 3 stations in the Endoscopy Village

The future of endoscopy training

“Mikoto” – The Gold Standard Colonoscopy Training Simulator
A complex training platform was recently developed by Fuji et al. (1) based on a hybrid colonoscopy simulator. The system called “Mikoto” is an advanced mechanical trainer utilising motors, which allow the position change of the replicated abdomen. Furthermore, several functions are supported, such as abdominal compression and repositioning of the diaphragm, simulating the deep inspiration. Pressure and optical sensors enable measuring the distensibility of the colon phantom correlated with the potential pain experienced by the patient. This information together with other metrics tracked online is used to evaluate the trainee performance. (2)

The Mikoto is exclusively supplied by Aquilant in the UK through our partners Fujifilm and has the following impressive features:

Realistic colon model
– Soft material with smooth surface
– Realistic fold shape and texture
– Multiple polyps

Self-Learning can be achieved
– Record video for personal review
– Procedure scoring system
– 3 adjustable difficulty settings

The new Mikoto colonoscopy simulator will be demonstrated on the Fujifilm stand during UEG Week in Copenhagen (14-17th October) and at Kings Live – Kings College Hospital, London (9-10th November).

Please contact us for more information.

(1) Finocchiaro, M.; Cortegoso Valdivia, P.; Hernansanz, A.; Marino, N.; Amram, D.; Casals, A.; Menciassi, A.; Marlicz, W.; Ciuti, G.; Koulaouzidis, A. Training Simulators for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy: Current and Future Perspectives. Cancers 2021, 13, 1427
(2) Fujii, M.; Onoyama, T.; Ikebuchi, Y.; Uehara, K.; Koga, A.; Ueki, M.; Isomoto, H. A Novel Humanoid-Robot Simulator for Colonoscopy. Endoscopy 2020
Artificial Lumen – Reproduces the feeling of entering the intestinal tract
Training Playback Mode
Internal Structure

PuraStat - Providing Clear Control

Mr Amyn Haji, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon from King’s College Hospital, London discusses the clinical benefits of PuraStat  during endoscopic resection.

The 14th International Transnasal Endoscopy Training Workshop

This year’s International Transnasal Endoscopy (TNE) workshop, now in its 14th year was a huge success with a record number of delegates attending the in-person event at the Hallam Conference Centre in London. TNE has never been more relevant than it is today, and the technique has an important role to play in helping to reduce the upper gi endoscopy patient backlog, and the future of diagnostic gastroscopy. 

Thank you to course directors Dr Edward Despott and Dr. Alberto Murino and the expert faculty who made it such an informative and educational day for all those attending. 

To find out more about TNE and how setting up a service can benefit your clinical practice, please visit our new dedicated Transnasal Endoscopy website where you can access clinical papers, technology updates and upcoming training events – 

This is Eluxeo Ultra

Eluxeo Ultra is the first commercially available endoscopy systems to both detect and characterise lesions in real-time. The CAD EYE AI platform supports clinical decision making, helping to improve lesion detection and improved patient outcomes due to early disease diagnosis.  

ColoAssit Pro is the latest innovation to be added to the Eluxeo Ultra platform – Providing real-time endoscope visualisation helping endoscopists to identify loop formation and perform efficient, accurate and comfortable colonoscopies. 

Colonoscope looping – a simple solution

Endorail, a magnetic balloon solution that optimises colonoscopy procedural outcomes.

Endorail will enhance the efficiency and safety of endoscopic procedures, offering a solution to solve looping and facilitate the competition of prolonged colonoscopies. Designed to streamline the colonoscopy process, Endorail combines its magnetic balloon solution with user-friendly features, which empowers physicians to overcome procedural challenges with ‘confidence and precision’.

With Endorail, physicians gain access to an on-demand tool that optimises procedural outcomes as well as reducing the healthcare costs associated with prolonged or incomplete procedures.

In 2023, Endostart conducted a multicentre clinical trial to demonstrate the high safety and efficacy profile of Endorail in the completion of difficult colonoscopies. The results of the study will be presented in the Digestive Disease Week Congress, taking place in Washington DC, May 18 to 21, 2024.

Aquilant have partnered with Endostart to bring the Endorail solution to the UK so contact us now for more information.

Upcoming events

25th-26th June
King’s ESD training workshop
Kings College Hospital, London  
26th – 28th June
3rd Upper GI Endoscopy Day & 12th Barrett’s Endotherapy Course
1st-3rd July
ACPGBI Annual Meeting
ICC Wales, Newport 
18th-19th July
1st Manchester International Advanced Endoscopy symposium (EUS ERCP)
Radisson Blu, Manchester Airport  
5th-7th September
The International Celiac Disease Symposium
Sheffield City Hall, Sheffield  
12th-13th September
International Advanced Endoscopy Masterclass (AEM)
Hallam Conference Centre, London
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