• Fast, streamlined performance
o Up to 3 independent, task-specific arms
o Combine pipetting, detection, separation 7 logistics steps in automated workflows
• Optimised walkaway times
o Up to 6 microplates or tip boxes in the worktable
o Stacked r nested tips allow an increased on-deck capacity
o Multiple device integration on, around or below the deck
• Robotic Gripper Arm
o Versatile tip, tube & plate handling
o Smart interfacing between worktable & integrated devices
o Works interdependently, without disrupting pipetting process
o Finger Exchange System™ further extends labware format range and device that can be accommodated
• Reduced Footprint
o Flexibility to increase capacity by utilising the space below the deck
• Measure & Improve Liquid Handling Efficiency
o Cloud-based Introspect™ gives a comprehensive overview of how the automated systems are used
o Real-time data on instrument uptime, consumable consumption & run success
• Ease of Use
o Guided start-up & workflows
o Touchscreen operator interface
o Easy programming
o Instant Stop & Resume function to access work-deck during runs
o 3D simulations to test new assays without using reagents or consumables
• High performance pipetting:
o Single & multiple tip formats, either disposable or washable tips
o Flexible Channel Arm™ provides a choice of air- or liquid-displacement pipetting
o Multiple Channel Arms offer 96and 384 channel formats in one head