Why a clear picture is essential for supply chains in 2021

Why a clear picture is essential for supply chains in 2021

If we look back at 2020, the words ‘disruptive’ and ‘chaotic’ probably come to mind. The challenges posed by Covid-19 and understanding the potential hurdles that Brexit is sure to bring have been in the forefront of the minds of medical suppliers.

As the healthcare industry begins to take stock of the lasting effects of the past twelve months, it is vital to have as clear a picture as possible.

Perhaps one of the greatest lessons we are learning as a direct result of Covid-19 is that gathering and understanding data on respective stock levels and demand for specific equipment ensures that healthcare facilities continue to be supplied in times of disruption, especially on a local level. 730,000 individuals are employed across the European medical technology sector, in roles covering warehouse management to logistics. Providing those involved in this essential work with the most accurate information allows local teams to prioritise the most at-risk areas, as opposed to a blanket approach which may result in greater expense to hospitals when it is not needed.

A clear picture isn’t just about keeping hospitals supplied with enough equipment, however. It also enables management teams to assess budgets and sections where costs can be saved. This has already been proven in the 2014 case of Airedale NHS Trust, which was able to release cash savings of 15% by reducing its inventory by 24%; something which would not have been possible without the clarity provided by real-time data.

With hospitals under continued budgetary pressures, and at the same time coming to terms with the knock-on effects of the current global pandemic, examples of effective inventory management as Airedale demonstrates should be followed to prevent costly issues arising at a later stage. This is where suppliers, like HC21, are able to help their customers interpret the available data and highlight potential efficiencies.

At a time when having access to the most up-to-date data has never been more important, suppliers of medical equipment are at the forefront of empowering hospitals to make crucial decisions with confidence. During the UK’s first Covid-19 lockdown, we continued to work closely with our customers to provide current information about consignment stock and whether or not additional equipment was required in order to maintain operations. And during this latest lockdown, we will continue to provide this support.

We have compiled a new report further exploring the need to provide a clear supply picture and an overview of the trends and challenges within the European medical technology supply chain.

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