Consumable Products

Consumable Products

Disposable Tips for Liquid Handling.

With over 30 years of experience in laboratory automation, Tecan understands that precise control of every aspect of liquid handling is required to ensure consistent, reproducible results. We offer a broad range of consumables designed to meet our customers’ need for increased productivity and reliable results in applications such as genomics research, cell-based assays, forensics and clinical diagnostics.

  • Disposable Tips: Tip quality is a vital feature if you are to run tests reproducibly, sample after sample. IQ/OQ of your system with Tecan disposable tips means you are guaranteed an optimum system performance – a strong benefit for your lab.
  • Liquid Handling Disposable Tips: Carefully designed, produced and validated to ensure reliable performance using Liquid Handling (LiHa) Arms and Flexible Channel Arms (FCA) on Tecan platforms.
  • MCA96 Disposable Tips: Designed, validated and manufactured to ensure optimal performance of your MultiChannel Arm™ 96.
  • MCA384 Disposable Tips: Specifically designed to support the flexibility of the MultiChannel Arm™ 384 pipetting option.
  • Labware: Labware should work seamlessly with your applications and platform. Our high quality range is tailored to your needs and designed specifically for the Fluent® and Freedom EVO® liquid handling platforms.
  • Reagent Troughs: Tecan offers a collection of reagent troughs of varying volumes and shapes that are designed for the liquid handlings arms on Fluent and Freedom EVO Liquid Handling Platforms. Compatibility with strict application needs is guaranteed by our certified purity levels.
Pure Sterile
Free of Human DNA Free of Human DNA
RNase/DNase free RNase/DNase free
PCR inhibitor free Pyrogen/endotoxin free







Functional Consumables

A unique range that adds value to your applications, providing assured performance in miniaturized pipetting, quality control and sample prep for LC- MS.