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Tecan’s fluent liquid handling workstation provides a choice of workstation capacities, robotics, liquid handling and application options to best suit the process-specific needs of any laboratory.

The Fluent easily increases productivity, streamlines workflows and optimises assay precision, all while relieving operators from repetitive tasks.

The system is fully modular and its open architecture allows each instrument to be configured for each individual laboratory’s needs.



The Fluent platform is the complete automated solution for common laboratory applications including:

  • Genomics
  • Cell Biology
  • Drug Discovery & Development
  • Clinical Applications
  • Applied Markets such as Agriculture, veterinary & Food/Beverage

System Options

Available in 3 sizes based on throughput needs:

  • Fluent 480

  • One or Two arms
  • Compact workhorse ideal for small laboratories & single liquid handling workflows
  • 1,150 x 785 mm
  • Deck accommodates 30 SLAS-format microplates or disposable tip stacks, or up to 960 tubes, plus waste & reagent positions


Fluent 780

  • Up to 3 arms
  • Flexible, mid-size system for complete process automation
  • 1,650 x 785 mm
  • Deck accommodates 48 SLAS-format microplates or disposable tip stacks, or up to 1,600 tubes, plus waste & reagent positions

Fluent 1080

  • Up to 3 arms
  • High capacity system for complete process automation or high batch capacity liquid handling
  • 2,150 x 785 mm
  • Deck accommodates 72 SLAS-format microplates or disposable tip stacks, or up to 2,000 tubes, plus waste & reagent positions



  • Fast, streamlined performance
    • Up to 3 independent, task-specific arms
    • Combine pipetting, detection, separation 7 logistics steps in automated workflows
  • Optimised walkaway times
    • Up to 6 microplates or tip boxes in the worktable
    • Stacked r nested tips allow an increased on-deck capacity
    • Multiple device integration on, around or below the deck
  • Robotic Gripper Arm
    • Versatile tip, tube & plate handling
    • Smart interfacing between worktable & integrated devices
    • Works interdependently, without disrupting pipetting process
    • Finger Exchange System™ further extends labware format range and device that can be accommodated
  • Reduced Footprint
    • Flexibility to increase capacity by utilising the space below the deck
  • Measure & Improve Liquid Handling Efficiency
    • Cloud-based Introspect™ gives a comprehensive overview of how the automated systems are used
    • Real-time data on instrument uptime, consumable consumption & run success
  • Ease of Use
    • Guided start-up & workflows
    • Touchscreen operator interface
    • Easy programming
    • Instant Stop & Resume function to access work-deck during runs
    • 3D simulations to test new assays without using reagents or consumables
  • High performance pipetting:
    • Single & multiple tip formats, either disposable or washable tips
    • Flexible Channel Arm™ provides a choice of air- or liquid-displacement pipetting
    • Multiple Channel Arms offer 96and 384 channel formats in one head


System Modules

Flexible Channel Arm

  • 8 independent pipetting channels with automatic span adjustment (9 – 38mm)
  • Choice of liquid or air-displacement
  • Individual liquid detection, pipetting evaluation, error handling & piercing for each channel
  • Air Flexible Channel Arm (Air FCA)
    • Air displacement pipetting from 500 nl
    • 10, 50, 200, 350 & 1000µl disposable tips
  • Flexible Channel Arm (FCA)
    • Liquid displacement pipetting (200nl  >5ml)
    • Disposable or washable tips or a combination of both
  • Adaptive Signal Technology™ for minimising dead volumes
  • Dual FCA: offers 16 pipetting channel flexibility & speed, both arms working independently
  • Flexible Channel Arm Gripper for complete process automation


Multiple Channel Arm 384/96

  • 384 channel head for volumes from 250nl  125µl
  • One arm for both 96 & 384 formats with automatic switching in seconds
  • Ability to switch between disposable or fixed tips
  • Compatible with 1,536 well plates
  • Extended volume up to 500µl for 96 channel


Robotic Gripper Arm

  • Swift transfer of labware between pipetting area and devices for storage, detection & processing
  • Access to peripheral devices below the deck & periphery
  • Choice of different gripper fingers with 360 ͦ rotation
  • Finger Exchange System gives the ability to change gripper fingers at any time
  • Mountable barcode scanner for 1D codes


Dynamic Deck

  • 6 plate or 32 tubes capacity in the depth of the worktable
  • Easily loadable & configurable for custom deck layouts
  • Unique double deck supports modules below the worktable
  • Easy & flexible integration of devices via Grid Adapters
    • Accommodate device feet securely while still allowing easy removal
    • Reposition devices as plans change without the cost of designing new adapter plates


Add-ons & Accessories

Barcode Scanning:

  • 1D & 2D barcode scanning available for sample tubes & microplates
  • FluentID™ allows loading & reading of 96 samples < 30 seconds
  • Barcode scanner on the Robotic Gripper Arm™ scans microplate codes in situ on the deck or in hotels
  • Fixed position barcode scanner reads both 1D and 2D barcodes on plates & tubes presented to it by the Robotic Gripper Arm™
  • Fluent Stacker & Carousel have an optional built-in 1D barcode reader

Fluent Carousel:

  • Can be located to the left or right of the deck
  • Accommodates over 200 plates
  • Optional built-in barcode scanner
  • Pipetting directly to/from plates in the carousel
  • Transfer to the deck via Robotic Gripper Arm™


  • Available for disposable tips, 9 standard microplates or 5 deep-well plates
  • Can be placed below the deck, in the side wall spaces or at the rear of the instrument

Heating & Cooling

  • For on-deck during processing or incubation/acclimatised storage
  • Six-slot MIO™
    • Suitable for standard microplates with/without lids
    • Ambient +5  53 ͦC (with shaking) or 63 ͦC (without shaking)
    • Electronic temperature logging & tracking
  • Four-slot MIO™
    • Suitable for standard microplates with/without lids up to 35mm high
    • Ambient +5  53 ͦC (with shaking) or 63 ͦC (without shaking)
    • Electronic temperature logging & tracking
  • Te-Shake™ robotic shaker with heating option from ambient +5  80 ͦC
  • Heating/cooling deck segment for up to 4 microplates controlled by external circulating device
  • Thermal cycling for genomic applications


Contamination Solutions

  • Off-the-shelf & custom containment solutions available
  • Delivery of clean air to maintain sterile environments
  • Laminar flow, according to ISO class 5
  • Manual door opening during a run facilitated by ramp-up protection
  • Audible & visual warnings of potential environment compromises
  • UVC light for between-process sterilisation
  • Top cover prevents dust & debris falling onto the system

Detection Instruments:

  • Incorporate Spark™, Infinite® 200 Pro series 7 third-party readers at the rear, sides or below the deck

Separation Technologies:

  • Microplate washers
    • Hydrospeed™ washer for whole 96- & 384-well plate washing
    • HydroFlex™ washer for 8- or 16-channel strip washing
  • Vacuum solid phase extraction
    • Te-VacS™ provides an automated vacuum extraction workflow for cartridge-based filtration & SPE
  • Magnetic separation
    • Integrated commercial magnets for magnetic separation techniques
    • Free positioning of single or multiple magnets on standard deck positions
    • Fast transfer of plates between pipetting position & magnets
  • Sample fractionation via Te-Chrome™
  • Colony picking using the Picolo™ Colony-Picker for ID and picking of specific colonies of interest

Mixing & Shaking

  • Te-Shake™ robotic shaker
    • Heating option from ambient +5  80 ͦC
    • Orbital, reverse orbital or amplitude shaking
  • BioShake 3000 series
    • Mixing at up to 3,000 rpm for standard & deep-well plates
    • Up to 1,800 rpm for microfuge tubes
    • Electronic locking of plate during shaking
    • Heating option from ambient to 99 ͦC
  • Turnable mixer
    • Automated mixing of 50ml conical tubes