Freedom EVO

Freedom EVO

These versatile liquid handling platforms can be configured with a broad choice of robotic arms, liquid handling tools and application options to meet your individual needs. The upgradeable Freedom EVO platform can evolve with your changing application needs, making your initial investment even more valuable.

The Freedom EVO platform is available as preconfigured automation package solution, or fully configurable to your individual needs. Each package offers optimized pipetting parameters for a broad range of liquid types and volumes, with fast liquid level detection, liquid availability check and preferential non-contact dispensing.




  • Nucleic Acid Purification
  • Next Gen Sequencing
  • Protein Purification
  • Colony Picking & Plating
  • Vitamin D Analysis



Freedom EVO 75

Compact liquid handling platform for smaller laboratories providing complete process automation in a small footprint.

  • 27 grids of worktable space
  • Up to 2 arms

Freedom EVO 100

Base unit for small to medium throughput laboratories.

  • 30 grids of worktable space
  • Up to 2 arms

Freedom EVO 150

Tecan’s core liquid handling platform for medium to high throughput laboratories. The increased workspace increases area for integrating devices, such as Tecan’s microplate readers & washers, for a broader range of automated processes.

  • 45 grids of worktable space
  • Up to 3 arms

Freedom EVO 200

Suitable for large scale and high throughput laboratories. This is Tecan’s largest workstation in the EVO range.

  • 69 grids of worktable space
  • Up to 3 arms



Air LiHa

Available with four or eight pipetting channels, it offers a broad volume range from 0.5 to 1,000 µl per channel, with non-contact dispensing down to 0.5 μl.

Liquid LiHa

The Liquid LiHa is offered with disposable or fixed tips. Fast wash pumps ensure total system cleanliness through rapid washing of fixed tips from behind to minimize sample carry-over.

All LiHa arms offer variable Y-spacing, enabling sample transfers to and from a variety of labware types.

MCA 96


Simultaneous pipetting of 96 channels provides timely addition of liquids directly into microplates.

The MCA can also operate as an 8 or 12 channel pipette by picking up a single row or column of tips, useful for pipetting standards, controls or to conduct serial dilutions.

Robotic Arms

The robotic arms transport microplates, tubes and other labware quickly and efficiently between worktable, peripheral devices and labware storage enabling longer assay runs and walk-away time.


Available Arms:

RoboticManipulator (RoMa) Arm

For transporting microplates & labware from to worktable to peripheral devices or labware storage.


Extended Robotic Manipulator (RoMa) Arm

Offers access to below the worktable, enabling further integration of centrifuges, additional storage & incubation.


Pick & Place (PnP) Arm

Fast & precise single tube movement.




Orbital microplate shaker with heating option (up to 80 ͦC)



Automated solution for cartridge-based filtration and solid phase extraction. The system can be assembled by the RoMa Arm for fully automated operations.


Powerful temperature control (RT +5 to 60 ͦC) with incubation for 4 or 6 microplates on the workdeck. Available with or without shaking. Combine several incubator modules to provide different temperatures & environmental conditions on the same workstation.


Plate & tip stacking option. Automate storage, retrieval & delivery of microplates & disposable tips resulting in unprecedented process throughput in a wide range of applications.


Holds up to 40 standard or 13 deep well plates, or 40 nested tips per stack.




Random plate access up to 280 microplates giving users increased walkaway time and is ideal for high throughput applications. Capable of handling microplates, half-height plates and deep-well plates, with an integrated barcode scanner.



Automatic barcode reading system allowing carriers and labware to be automatically identified before or during processing.



Nucleic acid Purification

Automated DNA/RNA extraction & clan up solutions to match your sample types and throughput needs.


Magnetic Bead-Based:

  • Available via Fluent platform for larger scale or Freedom EVO for more limited lab space
  • Ready to run protocols for genomic DNA from blood, tissue, cultured cells & bacteria
  • Barcode scanning & sample tracking
  • Plate reader for integrated quantification & normalisation
  • Simple TouchTools™ interface



  • Integrated vacuum manifold in either 96-well formats or 8-sample strip
  • Optimized Freedom EVO 75 configuration
  • Ready to run protocols for genomic DNA from blood, tissue, cultured cells & bacteria
  • Barcode scanning & sample tracking
  • Plate reader for integrated quantification & normalisation
  • Simple TouchTools™ interface

Next-Gen Sequencing:

  • DreamPrep™, the complete automated solution fore NGS library prep and QC
    • Fluent liquid handler, Infinite plate reader & innovative library preparation kits
  • Freedom EVO NGS workstation
    • Air LiHa 8 pipetting channel
    • 3 CPAC devices – keep reagents cool & provide optimal conditions for enzymatic steps
    • Inheco Thermoshake heated shaker
    • 96-position magnetic plate separator
    • RoMa arm for efficient bead clean up
    • Storage space up to 12 tip boxes
  • Qualified NGS Protocol
  • Integrated quality control
    • DNA quantification
    • Fragment size distribution

Protein Purification:

  • Column-Based Chromatography:
    • For increased throughput
    • Reduced sample consumption through miniaturization
    • Increased walkaway times
    • Reproducible data every run


  • Plate-Based Chromatography:
    • Sophisticated screening for chromatography media and conditions
    • Increased information available
    • Data correlated well with chromatography column data
    • Fixed or disposable tips
    • High reproducible
    • Reduced sample & resin consumption
    • Less hands-on-time required vs manual processing


  • Tip-Based Chromatography:
    • Walkaway protein purification for higher throughput demands
    • Purification of native or recombinant proteins or analytes
    • Minimal cross-contamination
    • High yields, with elution volumes down to 10µl
    • Packable with standard or custom resins
    • Disposable tips only

Colony Picking & Plating:

Cloning and Transfection

  • Efficient transfection & expression of proteins of interest
  • Pick the right clone in the shortest timeframe
  • Decreased development times of cell lines
  • Co-development of applications with selected parameters to offer complete solutions

Cell-based Assays:

  • Speed up cell-based assays using automation
  • Introduce standardisation for optimal results
  • Integration of upstream & downstream applications

Cellular Imaging & Analysis:

  • Seamless integration of Tecan multi- and singlemode readers
  • Ensure the appropriate environment for your cells for optimal results
  • Scalable solutions: semi-automation to high throughput
  • Co-development of application with selected partners to offer complete solutions

Cell Culture:

  • Grow cells in their natural environment  automated 3D cell culture
  • Complete workflows for monoclonal antibody production
  • Free staff time by automating repetitive cell maintenance tasks
  • Increased consistency through standardisation

Vitamin D Analysis:

The verified platform for the Waters® MassTrak™ Vitamin D kit