Lab Vision™ PT Module

Lab Vision™ PT Module

Simultaneously perform dewaxing and antigen retrieval on slides prior to immunohistochemical staining.

Thermo Scientific™ PT Module, the benchmark for simplification, standardization, and consistency of antigen retrieval procedures in IHC.

PT Module offers consistent antigen retrieval for high-quality immunohistochemistry. Using gentle heat, the retrieval device quickly produces outstanding results while maintaining the integrity of delicate tissue.

In addition, most users can streamline testing practices by consolidating various antigen retrieval methods into only one or two PT Module antigen retrieval device procedures that can be run simultaneously.

  • Precise temperature control without the damaging effects of temperature variations, microwaves or pressure delivers a level of consistency unmatched by any other instrument available.
  • Easy to use, one-touch operation via built-in touchscreen Operator defined, pre-programmed time and temperature settings.
  • Dual reaction baths, each with 24-slide capacity, for simultaneous operation of two independent procedures.
  • Proprietary epitope recovery solutions for safe, non-toxic solvent-free and environmentally improved dewaxing.
  • Provides for rapid, gentle heating, eliminating microwave and pressure cooker variability Maintains excellent tissue/cellular morphology.
  • Efficient, time-saving transfer of fully compatible slide racks directly to any Autostainer after treatment to avoid slide manipulation.
  • Fully programmable for overnight operation or delayed-start, early-morning pre-heating.