MAHURKAR™ Hemodialysis Catheters

MAHURKAR™ Hemodialysis Catheters

The MAHURKAR™ Hemodialysis Catheters are available in a variety of options which provide ease of insertion, optimal flow rates and patient comfort. Building on a strong history of more than 30 years of quality and innovation that began with the MAHURKAR™ 11.5 Fr acute hemodialysis catheter, Medtronic continues to provide innovative features to optimize patient benefits. For use in hemodialysis, apheresis, infusion, renal replacement therapy, high pressure contrast injection and central venous pressure monitoring.

[Available in Republic Of Ireland and Northern Ireland]


  • Straight extension and curved extension configurations
  • Thermosensitive catheter material
  • Unique laser-cut slots
  • Dual and Triple Lumens available


  • To suits your patients’ needs
  • Provides optimal stiffness during insertion and softens up to 50% post-insertion for vessel conformity and patient comfort
  • Minimise potential for positional occlusion and the likelihood of clot formation by minimizing debris attachment
  • The third lumen keeps an independent port ready for blood access and fluid or medication delivery between dialysis treatments

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