Palindrome™ Precision Chronic Dialysis Catheter

Palindrome™ Precision Chronic Dialysis Catheter

The Palindrome™ Precision family of chronic hemodialysis catheters feature unique design, innovative coatings, precision tip technology — and a legacy you can count on. The symmetric tip with marker band technology and laser-cut side slots increases tip visualization — reducing recirculation and the likelihood of positional occlusion. It incorporates a design that promotes flow through the tip between treatments.1–3

[Available in Republic Of Ireland and Northern Ireland]


  • Palindrome™ Precision H–heparin coated dialysis catheter
  • Palindrome™ Precision RT–reverse-tunneled dialysis catheter
  • Tal VenaTrac™ Insertion Stylets


  • Noneluting heparin coating decreases the likelihood of platelet adhesion and inhibits fibrin sheath propagation4
  • Reverse-tunneled catheter tip is designed to allow for precise tip and cuff placement using the retrograde tunnel technique
  • Over-the-wire insertion stylets allow for an over-the-wire insertion technique


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