The fast, multichannel absorbance plate reader – with tuneable wavelength and temperature control options – that can be tailor-made for your purposes. Sunrise is a multipurpose microplate absorbance reader for 96-well plates providing all the functionality needed for the numerous applications in diagnostics, biotechnology, and research laboratories.


  • Versatility & Speed
  • Temperature control option
  • Advanced 12-channel optics
  • Additional reference channel
  • Auto switch off switch function when not in use
  • Microplate shaking capabilities
  • Ready for robotic integration


  • Ideal for colorimetric ELISAs, kinetic assays and agglutination readings
  • Fast results
  • Tunable wavelength option for greater flexibility and wavelength scanning
  • Powered by Magellan data analysis software
  • Optimized light intensity via reference channel
  • Prolonged lamp lifetime


Optic Configurability


  • Four-filter optics – interchangeable four-position filter slides for typical routine applications, offering a total capacity of 32 filters.
  • Six-filter optics – with a capacity of six filters per filter slide, this option is especially useful for ELISA automation or integration onto a liquid handling platform, enabling several assays to be performed without exchanging filter slides.
  • Tunable wavelength optics – a gradient filter slide providing immediate access to a choice of 301 wavelengths for maximum application flexibility and wavelength scanning.

Temperature control

  • The temperature control option is useful for a range of applications, such as enzyme kinetic assays.
  • Its advanced design combines top and bottom heating of the microplate to minimize evaporation and achieve a good temperature distribution.

Barcode Scanners:

  • The LIS option includes a hand-held barcode scanner for checking sample and plate IDs before loading them into Sunrise reader.
  • An integrated barcode reader is also available, allowing automated plate identification inside the reader.


Personalize your Sunrise reader with your favourite colour

  • White
  • Silver
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Lime Green