The next generation TOF-monitor

The TetraGraph system utilizes the gold standard method of measuring train-of-four (TOF) by means of electromyography (EMG). The easy-to-use, compact and portable monitoring device helps clinician to adequately quantify the depth of a patient’s neuromuscular block in real-time.

Every year more than 20 million patients are affected by post-operative complications related to anaesthesia and inadequate perioperative monitoring.

TetraGraph ensures patients are not extubated prematurely which may reduce the incidence of post-operative complications and critical respiratory events, therefore reducing associated treatment costs.  TetraGraph may also reduce costs by preventing overuse of Neuromuscluar Blocking Agents (NMBAs) during procedures, as clinicians are able to reliably measure depth of paralysis.

The TetraGraph monitor stimulates, measures, analyzes and displays muscle function in real-time, and the system requires less than 30 seconds for set-up.

  • The arm can be tucked under surgical drape, no thumb access required
  • Less than 10 seconds start-up, no calibration needed
  • Ease of use with single-use electro-sensors and no cross-contamination
  • Precise & reliable information based on EMG technique

The unique, user-friendly system includes the TetraGraph monitor, TetraSens disposable electrosensors, TetraCord connecting cable and pole clamp.

[Available in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland]


Item CodeProduct Description

SEN 2001Senzime TetraGraph

SEN 2002TetraSens Electrode

SEN 2004Patient Simulator

SEN 2101Pole Clamp



Tetragraph Brochure