Uventa Ureteral Stent

Uventa Ureteral Stent


• Malignant Ureteral Obstruction(MUO)

[Available in EnglandScotland and Wales]





• Triple layered construction

– The outer stent gives high friction coefficient to prevent migration.

– Three(3) platinum radiopaque markers at each end of the stent.

– PTFE(Teflon) membrane prevents tissue ingrowth.

– The inner stent reinforces overall radial force.

– Both ends have lower radial force and are encapsulated by PTFE to prevent reactive hyperplasia.

Preloaded type delivery system

• Outer sheath: Metal braided tube contributes excellent pushability and trackability.

• Radiopaque ring at outer sheath: Shows deploying progression.

• Yellow marker: Cystoscopic marker to place the stent at the orifice border.

• Inner stent: Reinforces overall radial force.

• Three(3) Radiopaque markers: Fluoroscopic markers for accurate placement. Accordance with the stent loaded portion – Proximal, Center, and Distal.

UVENTA Ureteral Stent 2018ver (PDF)