Fujifilm Video Cystoscope

Fujifilm Video Cystoscope

The EY-470S/B and the EY-470S — a giant leap forward in surgical technology. Through a marriage of proprietary video chip technology and an industry-leading flexible scope design, FujiFilm has created flexible video cystoscopes with a higher resolution image than ever before possible. Images are large, clear and consistently bright. These NEW flexible video cystoscopes are ideal for the office, clinic or hospital environment whether performing diagnosis or, in the case of the EY-470S, treatment with a new suction feature that can be controlled by one hand to maintain a clear view.

– High resolution image resulting in better observation through a high-density CCD chip.
– Large instrument channel for better flow and wider range of endoscopic instruments.
– Suction capability (available with the EY-470S) that can be controlled to maintain clear view.
– HF compatibility enables Urologists to perform therapeutic endoscopy.
– A tapered distal end greatly improves insertion capability.

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