PrintMate™ Cassette Printer

PrintMate™ Cassette Printer

Meet the needs of lean workflow and reduce errors in the laboratory with the fast, reliable PrintMate Cassette Printer.

Ideal for use in on-demand or high-volume batch printing applications.

Thermo Scientific Enhances Laboratory Efficiency and Productivity

Small footprint fits easily into any workflow pattern—the small size of the PrintMate means it will fit easily next to the grossing area and print fast enough to keep up when printing single cases; printer allows you to decide the workflow that best fits your laboratory.

PrintMate quickly prints cassettes with no reduction time for printing 2-D barcodes—combines ruggedness with capacity to work reliably as an on-demand or batch printer in high-volume laboratories.

Optional dual-track collection system collects up to 100 cassettes in organizer trays—the trays are easily stacked and simplify matching cassettes to specimen containers at the grossing station.

Collection chute enables user to place one PrintMate between two technicians—two technicians can share an instrument without the risk of mixing up cassettes; this special chute makes sure the right cassettes are delivered to the right technician.

Dispense system is able to reliably dispense a wide range of standard cassettes year after year without jamming or misfeeding—PrintMate allows the use of a wide variety of Thermo Scientific cassettes High-quality print means that every cassette is clearly marked with easy-to-read black type.

PrintMate prints easy-to-read, permanent black type (300dpi print is perfect for printing linear and 2-D bar codes as well as graphics and logos); higher level of specimen identification accuracy and sample integrity contributes to improved patient care.