Microtomes & Cryostats

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Section safely with excellent quality

Microtomes from Epredia help yield superior sectioning results for even the most difficult-to-cut paraffin sections. A wide range of microtomes for precise, comfortable sectioning is available —including electronic, rotary, sliding, automated, and manual models. Microtomy consumables include proprietary, coated microtome blades designed to increase longevity and enhance sectioning properties.

With three different cryostat options for your lab, rest-assured that you can find the perfect fit. Designed to fulfill the needs of both research and clinical laboratories, the CryoStar™ NX70 cryostat introduces a form-fitting design, integrated height control and motorized sectioning. Get optimal sectioning quality paired with ergonomics and safety with the Cryostar NX50 cryostat. The NX50 cryostat is designed to accommodate the needs of your routine clinical laboratory. Deliver high-quality results comfortably and efficiently with the HM525 NX cryostat, a high-performance routine cryostat with intuitive software and touch screen for simple, efficient operation