Labelling & Tracking

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A high proportion of the errors made in histology laboratories are caused by inadequate methods for labeling and tracking cassettes and slides.

The PrintMate AS™ cassette printer and SlideMate AS™ slide printer are the third generation of labeling equipment, that when used with PrintMate cassettes and slides, are designed to maximize accuracy while streamlining workflow and improving efficiency.

Print cassettes on-demand at the grossing station with the Epredia PrintMate™ AS Cassette Printer. The Printmate AS system offers the flexibility of LIS connectivity and on-demand or batch printing. A small footprint allows the system to fit at the grossing table. Barcodes can be scanned to automatically print cassettes.

The small footprint of the Epredia SlideMate™ AS Slide Printer brings the convenience of on-demand slide printing directly to the microtome. This Slide Printer drastically reduces the chance for patient identification errors by allowing the laboratory to print accurate information when the slide is required